Brianna and the Behavior Chart Cover Reveal

Brianna and the Behavior Chart
Brianna and the Behavior Chart

The cover for Brianna and the Behavior Chart is here! Brianna’s spot on the chart is dropping fast and she needs to act fast. Can she pull herself back to the top before she gets distracted by the next shiny object?

Writer Georgia Ball describes Brianna as the kind of character she’s been waiting to write. “I’ve spent the last several years writing for a lot of great characters owned by people who want to position them as role models for young girls. The trend is to present girls as can-do achievers, but they’re rarely allowed to make mistakes. Brianna was born from the question: what if I told stories about a girl who doesn’t always behave the way adults wish she would?”

Artist Scott Ball brought Brianna and her friends to life with his expressive pencils in the first of a planned series of books starring the main character. A free book is also in production with more details on that revealed in the next two weeks.

The e-book and paperback will be released on August 20.