Brianna and the Behavior Chart Release

Brianna and the Behavior Chart
Brianna and the Behavior Chart

Author and Illustrator team Scott and Georgia Ball released their first children’s picture book this week, Brianna and the Behavior Chart. For writer Georgia Ball, the book is a reflection of months of research.

“I worked nights on production, learning how to format books in InDesign for print, how to use KDP, and how to prep my files for Kindle conversion,” said Ball. “I listened to podcasts on indie publishing while I colored the illustrations.”

Scott Ball drew the scenes in ClipArt Studio and transferred to the files to his wife, who took over from there. “We have our own process,” she said. “I used Scott’s drawings to cut shapes out of digital textures, then applied shading, highlights, shadows, and brush marks.”

The final result is a digital file with a look and feel is somewhere between flat art and paper cutouts. Both a digital and paperback version are available on, and the e-book is on a free promotion now through August 24.