Sesame Street #1 and the Croods Prequel Digest

croodsCOMICbook tumblr_inline_mm1lwczTqe1qz4rgpTwo releases today! Sesame Street #1 and the Croods Prequel Digest.

Scott’s contribution is a one-page Elmo story about learning to read in the comic book format. It was an honor to get the chance to work with this iconic character the first time out, and there will be more work coming from Scott in future issues.

Georgia’s story in Croods focuses on the two youngest members of the family, Sandy and Thunk. When Thunk is left in charge of the cave, he tries to teach his little sister how to think like the enemy, with disastrous results.

Get out to the comic book store and pick up a copy of each! Both are from Ape Entertainment.

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