The Pineapple Predicament and Other Stories

Strawberry Shortcake trade paperbacks entitled “The Pineapple Predicament and Other Stories” have arrived in our mail! The trades include all of my 16 page stories from Issues #1-4. My stories include:

  • The Pineapple Predicament
  • The Sour Truth
  • The Berry Scary Storm
  • The Prickly Performance
  • The Legend of Saltwater Pete

Some nice comments filtered around the internet but sadly, none of these books were ever reviewed. It would have been nice, but after so many press releases were picked up about it starting and its move to a digital app, I have to assume it’s the subject matter. To be honest, my first issue was green. I recommend issue #4 highly though, especially if you were a fan of 1980s Strawberry Shortcake. Also if you’re a fan of the fantastically talented Amy Mebberson. As far as I’ve been told we’re working together again for the next project.

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