One thought on “The Strawberry team at SDCC

  1. I think my perspective on pnfrerrieg an archive approach is also influenced by my love for my local comic shop. Whilst they do sell TPB’s and some older back issues their main bulk sales are the new releases (and back stock of the last 5-6 issues) and the folders that regulars have. I’d miss that monthly experience to go and empty the folder, and see if they’ve spotted anything they think will peak my interest. It’s that personal touch I’d hate to lose. I see where you’re coming from, but I hate to think of the possible effect an approach like that could have on a paper & ink store, and I’d imagine Marvel & DC would (and maybe already are) feeling considerable leaning from the newsstand and wholesale trade. A digital distribution model for new comics could impact heavily on Diamond Select and their various customers.Whichever approach the comic corps decide to take they need to start moving forward at a quicker pace they’re slacking severely right now.

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