Haunting at Captiva Hotel

Orlando Ghost Hunters Book #1

A haunted past becomes an obsession.

After years of waiting, it’s finally in Carter’s grasp—the chance to investigate the infamous Captiva Hotel. Located on a remote island off the Florida coast, the sprawling beachside inn has been responsible for several mysterious deaths and strange disappearances. Carter’s extensive research tells him he’ll come away with indisputable evidence of life and death—and maybe something more.

Bridget is a bartender with an unusual gift. She answers Carter’s call to join his investigation as a psychic, but a violent premonition gives her pause. Is the chance to reconnect with the man she loves worth risking her life?

From the start of their week on the island, the rotting North Captiva Hotel is everything Carter’s team hoped it would be. Lights go out, doors open, and objects move on their own, but the hotel plays games with their senses, and its owner is guarding a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Carter is haunted by his own tragic past.

As a storm gathers and its power grows, the once-grand hotel threatens to consume them all. Can Carter’s team survive their ill-fated ghost hunt? Or will their names be added to the historic inn’s long list of victims?

For fans of Shirley Jackson and Jennifer McMahon, Haunting at Captiva Hotel is a riveting supernatural thriller that opens Orlando Ghost, a series concerning the adventures of ghost hunters living in Florida.

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Haunting at Captiva Hotel