The Ghost Sensitive

Sometimes a gift feels like a curse.

Night terrors have stalked Nicole Haugen since she was a child. Transferring to a prestigious university in Savannah, Georgia, sounded like a fresh start, but the city is haunted by its past and its spirits are restless.

Molly Thompson is skeptical of her roommate Nicole’s wild ghost stories. When a paranormal investigation society draws the two young women into a dangerous world filled with tragedy, shadowy figures, and whispers in the dark, their friendship threatens to unravel, along with their sanity.

From crumbling estates to abandoned asylums, their research into the supernatural blurs the line between real and imagined. As Nicole’s power to communicate grows, the dead arrive with a warning—an unseen evil is watching them, waiting to claim its next victim.

If you enjoy books by Darcy Coates, Wendy Wang, or the character-driven horror of The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, you will love The Ghost Sensitive.

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The Ghost Sensitive