Victorious Cross

The City Between Series #1

The Spear is a gateway to other worlds—and a terrible burden.

When Victorio Cruz chooses to accept the Spear of Creation and fight the Darkness, he had no idea it would cost him everything he loves.

The latest in a long line of Spear Bearers, Victorio is swept into a world of flying ships, cross-dimensional heroics and fantastical creatures. He’s joined by the Cartesian Guard, brave warriors dedicated to protecting the gods and maintaining balance in the infinite.

But the Darkness is rising, and their stronghold is under attack. Victorio must take up the Spear again before the Empty drags the universe’s last defenders into their gruesome forges.

If you like fierce battles between light and dark, YA adventure stories and vast fantasy settings, you’ll love Victorious Cross, the first book in the City Between series.

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Victorious Cross