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Two con artists hired to police an eccentric rural community find themselves caught up in a rising revolution.


The Story

Tawny, a hero-for-hire, has caused trouble in every town she ever worked for. Her best friend Dudu is a stuffed rabbit with a smart mouth. When they arrive in Folliham with a bag that conjures whatever Tawny needs (but not always what she wants), a town of misfits living under a corrupt dictator will never be the same.

Tawny and Dudu arrive in Folliham with nothing in their pockets and an empty bag. How will they ingratiate themselves with the hostile townsfolk? Can they prove themselves to the local leader and his incompetent pig guards? As Tawny and Dudu struggle to overcome these challenges, an even greater danger appears on the horizon.

Follipops grew from a simple idea to show off Scott’s classic art style to an epic fight for the freedom to be an individual. The population of Folliham is rough, ornery, and hard to love—but we fell in love with them just the way they are. We hope you’ll feel the same way!