Sesame Street #1 and the Croods Prequel Digest

croodsCOMICbook tumblr_inline_mm1lwczTqe1qz4rgpTwo releases today! Sesame Street #1 and the Croods Prequel Digest.

Scott’s contribution is a one-page Elmo story about learning to read in the comic book format. It was an honor to get the chance to work with this iconic character the first time out, and there will be more work coming from Scott in future issues.

Georgia’s story in Croods focuses on the two youngest members of the family, Sandy and Thunk. When Thunk is left in charge of the cave, he tries to teach his little sister how to think like the enemy, with disastrous results.

Get out to the comic book store and pick up a copy of each! Both are from Ape Entertainment.

Upcoming Croods Comic

I was waiting until I saw a Facebook announcement from Ape, but as it turns out the word has been in other places, there will be a Croods prequel comic book coming soon and one of my stories is in it.


See this quote from a Croods blog (wow there’s a Croods blog):

I don’t know which part of that press release I’m more excited about. A Croods prequel comic book, or the fact that some marketing firm got a green light on the term ‘prehysterical.’ No matter. I’ll take ’em both.

I really liked seeing this question:

A couple of quick questions, though. If the plot of The Croods hinges on the fact that the family has never left their cave, does that mean that the prequel will take place entirely within its stony confines? Are kids really going want to read 125 pages of My Campfire With Andre? Or will the prequel be the story of how the Croods’ first found their cave, and why Grug decided to lock them all inside? A “prehysterical” re-telling of  The Shining, perhaps?

Yes we really did have to deal with that question. It was the first question I asked when I read the script. But the Croods do have to leave their caves sometimes to hunt, so it’s not spoiling too much to say we did get to take them out of the cave. A little.

The confusing part of the solicitation is that my name is in it, because my story is not very long and definitely not the lead… Nathan Watson is my artist though:

Ape Entertainment proudly presents the official prequel to Dreamworks’ upcoming blockbuster family film, The Croods! Join Grug, Ugga, Eep, Thunk, Gran and a host of forgotten prehistoric creatures in one family’s adventures before their adventure of a lifetime! Featuring stories by Georgia Ball (Strawberry Shortcake) and art by Nathan Watson (Toy Story), this is one prehysterical tale you won’t want to miss!

But it is included and I’m looking forward to the release!

From Sesame Street to Pocket God: A look at Ape Entertainment

At San Diego Comic Con, I had the opportunity to chat with Brett Erwin and David Hedgecock, the founders of Ape Entertainment.

Ape has a varied line that includes comics for both children and adults and a wide array of licensed properties. They have produced licensed comics based on popular films such as Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar, and Megamind, and they recently started publishing Dreamworks Magazine, which contains comics and other activities. They also publish Richie Rich, Strawberry Shortcake, and Casper comics and graphic novels, and they will soon add Sesame Street comics to their lineup as well.

Just this week, Ape announced a new series, Dragons: Riders of Berk, based on the characters in the DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon. (Creators James Silvani and Aaron Sparrow discussed their work on the comic in a recent interview at Animation World Network.)

Also in the works: Rise of the Guardians, a 40-page prequel to the DreamWorks film that will be released later this year; the movie is based on William Joyce’s The Guardians of Childhood books.

Full Article

I got to meet the author when she stopped by the booth. Ape needs more of this kind of attention.

Strawberry Shortcake Review Gives Shout Out to Amy Mebberson

Kind of stunned just to get mentioned by anyone, we’re 5 issues in and this is the first article I can call a review:

Strawberry Shortcake #1
Publisher: Ape Entertainment (Kizoic line)
Written By: Georgia Ball, Russell Lissau, Meredith Lissau, and Heather Nuhfer
Drawn By: Amy Mebberson and Tanya Roberts

In the past few months we have drawn our attention to numerous revivals of nostalgia-titles, and in 2012 every character from the Power Rangers to My Little Pony are back in the comics. Ape Entertainment is no stranger to nostalgia, publishing new and classic Richie-Rich stories, and now they are bringing us a new Strawberry Shortcake comic, complete with scented cover (no joke).

Issue #1 is packed with three tales. In “Field Day,” the yearly Berrykin Power Plant picnic (try saying that three times fast) is taking place, and everyone wants to win the trophy for the many races that ensue. Strawberry picks Bosley Bookworm as her teammate to everyone’s surprise, and tries to overcome the odds despite his lack of athletic ability. Friendship and hard work does shine through in the end. In “Huckleberry Hill,” Raspberry and Blueberry are a little down when the old Huckleberry Hill sign is taken down as construction happens locally. The girls reflect on their younger days with the sign, and might just have a way to save it. In “A Recipe for Friendship,” another day at Strawberry Shortcake’s cafe is underway as she wracks her noggin trying to come up with a new recipes for breakfast, because her cookbook has gone missing. Her friends jump in, creating new dishes, happy customers, and of course good friendship. The issue also includes the text-story “The Mystery Dish,” and a recipe for Berry Bitty Bites, like the ones in the third story, that anyone can make.

Overall this update holds up pretty well, and like picking up an Archie comic, although the styles have changed and Strawberry Shortcake looks hip, nothing story wise has. It’s still innocent fun that encourages friendship, and the stories are a good read. The stand out on this issue is the art by Amy Mebberson, who drew the first two stories , and it’s nice looking stuff. I was delighted somehow by the text-story “The Mystrey Dish” being included, not for the story itself, but the nostalgia throw back in itself to have a text-story mixed in with comics. Also a scented cover is a guilty pleasure that I’m sure some folks will go nuts over. I got my copy digitally on the Strawberry Shortcake comic-app, so mine of course wasn’t scented (until they release iPad-5 with smell-a-vision).

Strawberry Shortcake #1 is out now in print and digital. Also worth noting for fans is that the 1980s Marvel Star Comics-line Strawberry Shortcake series is available on the app, too, for a buck an issue as Strawberry Shortcake Classics.